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New York Hosts Music Research and Music Education Hackathons

Music-ed-hackBy Paul Lamere of Music Machinery and The Echo Nest.

Next weekend, (starting Friday, June 28th) there are two music-related hackathons in New York City. First up, there’s The Hamr:

Hacking Audio and Music Research (HAMR)

Organized by Colin Raffel is HAMR: Hacking Music and Audio Research. This hackathon is focused on music research with a goal of testing out new ideas rather than making a finished product. The focus of HAMR is on the development of new techniques for analyzing, processing, and synthesizing audio and music signals. HAMR will be modeled after a traditional hack day in that it will involve a weekend of fast-paced work with an emphasis on trying something new rather than finishing something polished. However, this event will deviate from the typical hack day in its focus on research (rather than commercial) applications. In addition to HAMRing out work, the event will include presentations, discussions, and informal workshops. Registration is free and researchers from any stage in their career are encouraged to participate.

Read more about Hamr

The other hacking event is Music Education Hack

Music Education Hack

The goal of the Music Education Hack is to explore how technology and help transform music education in NYC schools. Hackers will have 24 hours to ideate, collaborate and innovate, before presenting their work to a panel of esteemed judges for a grand prize of $5,000. The Hacker teams will have access to New York City teachers as part of the creation process as they focus on building products that incorporate music and technology into the education space.

For more info visit the Music Education Hack registration page.


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