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The Evolution Of Music Tech [INFOGRAPHIC]

image from pace of change in technology is mind boggling. But is that also true for music tech? Many say that licensing hurdles slows music tech innovation. Perhaps some, but the commercial mp3 is less than 20 years old; and look at all that has made possible, This infographic from Soundcontrol, atempts to chronicle the last decades of music tech.  Take a look at let us know what you think should be added,

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  1. the gap between 1995 & 1999 is significant. Liquid Audio, & eMusic were around, and the whole notion of a download store was invented… Liquid went public and was quite successful for awhile. Liquid also pioneered the use of the aac encoder which apple later adopted.

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  3. The dawn if the digital music era between 1998 and 2001 is missing some crucial names. The most glaring omission is eMusic who pioneered the commercial digital music space, selling the first unencrypted digital album by a major artist, Black Francis, in June of 1998 and then launching the first all you can eat subscrition service in 2000. Apple mmodelled much of the dos and donts of it’s licensing strategy directly from eMusic.

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