Think Different: Artist Manager Emily White’s Approach To Music — Upward Spiral Podcast #25

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Artist manager, label founder, and entrepreneur Emily White shares a TON of great insights! Hear her unique perspectives on listener habits, music industry success, and staying true to yourself. This is a great conversation; maybe one of the best episodes we've ever had. Check it out — and stay tuned for an Upward Spiral interview series where Emily discusses her long and fascinating career in music. Enjoy!

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  1. Ron Fuller said…
    What should a disabled, but great song writer, that can’t play live, do to make money from his song? Everyone has acquired it for free, so, what is his motivation?
    Accolades, slaps on the back, words of praise … do not put food on his table!
    Songs of quality that move people are not cranked out like sausages.
    How do non-performing songsmiths make a buck?
    Reply 06/12/2013 at 07:31 PM

  2. This is an art vs commerce question for sure, and it’s a tough one to answer without being snarky, so please forgive the …snarkiness?
    What proof does this songwriter have that he’s so ‘great’?
    A great songwriter shouldn’t need to be motivated my money.
    Sounds like there’s some sort of entitlement issue here.
    “I’m a great songwriter because my mom says so, so I should be making lots of money writing the occasional brilliant song!”

  3. Lets say we are past that and agree that said disabled song writer is good, and is only looking for his cut on 1.29$

  4. What is his motivation to slave and make it better than just a home movie type of thing for grandma and uncle milt and aunt Beeber to listen to?

  5. His motivation should be moving people with the song he ‘slaved’ over. Whether it’s one person, 20 people, or ten thousand people.
    If he’s that great, the one person who hears it will share with a friend, who will share with two friends, who will share with four, etc.
    That should be motivation enough.
    He wants to put food on the table as a songwriter? He needs to write songs that Justin Beiber will record and release.
    He can write his ‘songs of quality’ to share with his friends and family as a hobby.
    Art vs commerce.

  6. Aspire to Beiber, doing one of his songs?
    OK, now we have the answer! Baby Baby, will you be my girlfriend?
    OK, write meaningless fluff and flush the Stairways to Heavens and The Spanish Trains, cause Beiber will never do a long meaningful song.
    (Have you listened to Paul Williams passionate speech at the ASCAP General Meeting?) Lets all talk after we watched Mr.Williams speech on the UTubes.

  7. Edmund Fitzgerald Should have just been a home movie for Lightfoot to entertain the In laws with, cause ,the public won’t by it. (Unless Beiber records it)

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