Tunecore Passes $300 Million in Artist Payments

image from cdn.americansongwriter.comTunecore has paid artists $300 million since it's 2006 launch, according to new stats from the company, representing the earnings from 3 billion downloads and streams. Since the end of 2012, Tunecore has logged 20% growth in
artist earnings and a
67% increase in the number of downloads and streams.

Tunecore artist earnings growth tracking at less than a third of the pace as growth in downloads and streams mirror the earnings discrepancies felt across the music industry, as more consumers shift from purchasing downloads to music streaming.

In 2012, Tunecore reported paying out a record $101.8 million to artists  - a 47% increase over 2011.  

More stats provided by Tunecore and how CD Baby compares:

  • 78.9 million downloads in 2012, up 25%
  • 1.2 billion streams, up 258%
  • Since 2006:
    • Delivered 1.8 billion music units downloads & streams
    • Paid out over $250 million in earnings
    • 447,000+  total releases

Competitor CD Baby paid out $50 million to artists in 2012.  Since it's inception, they too hit the $250 million since launch milestone last year if digital download sales, on-demand streaming revenue, physical CD sales, and sync licensing royalties are combined.

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