5 Essential Elements for Your Band’s Website Contact Page

Contact_usOne of the biggest frustrations for industry and media can be trying to
get in touch with a band. Social media is great for many things, but for
“official” communication and logistics, not so much.

When doing website reviews at Bandzoogle, we tell people that if there’s one place online where people should be able to find your
full contact info, it’s on your website. Not only should it be on your
website, you should make it as easy as possible to find it by making
your “Contact” page part of your main menu.
So what information should you include on your Contact page? Here are 5
essential elements to have on there to make sure that you’re not missing
out on any opportunities to connect with the industry, and with your

5 Essential Elements for Your Contact Page

1. Band Contact

First and foremost, you should have a general contact for the band. Some
bands only put booking info, but fans should be able to reach the band
directly as well. Many people simply include a hyperlinked email
address, but we strongly suggest using a contact form to avoid spambots.

2. Booking info

This could very well be the same contact info as the general band
contact, but make it clear that bookers should also contact you in that
way. If you have a booking agent, you should put their contact
information and/or a separate contact form for them, and include a phone
number if possible. Sometimes last-minute gig opportunities come up and
you’ll want a booker to be able to reach you as quickly as possible.

3. Media Inquiries

Same thing goes for a media contact. Even if it’s the same as the
general contact, make that clear. You could say something like, “For booking, media inquires or to show the band some love, use the contact form below”. That way your fans, bookers and media people know to use the same contact.

However, if you do have a publicist, put their contact information on
your Contact page, and again include a phone # if possible. Having a phone contact is especially important for media,
who might need some info in a hurry to meet a deadline. It could be the
difference in getting featured, or not getting featured.

4. Mailing List signup

You should also include a mailing list signup
on your Contact page. Since a fan might be clicking on your Contact
page to try and reach out to you, why not offer a simple way for you to
stay in touch with that fan? Plus, if you offer an incentive like free
exclusive content in return, you’ll give the fan no choice but to hand
over that valuable email address, which you can then use to let them
know about future albums, upcoming shows, etc.

5. Social Media Links

Having your social media links on your Contact page is a good idea so
that all of the ways people can connect with you are in one place. Some
bands create a dedicated page on their website for their social links,
but it’s not necessary to take up a valuable main menu spot for your social links. The two main places on your site that should have your social links are your Homepage, and your Contact page.

Hypebot contributing writer Dave Cool is Director of Artist Relations for musician website & marketing platform Bandzoogle. Twitter: @Bandzoogle | @dave_cool

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  1. Thanks for this article. I was just talking about this the other day on how many artists have no contact info AT ALL.

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