5 Marketing Ideas for Your Band for Under $50

Sleeve_with_promo_backMarketing can be expensive, but it can also be cheap. If you’re on a budget, you may be wondering how to market your music in an effective way without spending too much money. On Music Think Tank, David Roberts has five marketing ideas that your band can try for under $50. You can copy his ideas, build upon them, or use them to inspire you. What have you done to market your music in an inexpensive way?    

“Along the same lines as the wristband idea, you can approach local coffee shops to see if they’d be interested in letting you supply their coffee sleeves for a week or two.” (Read On)


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  1. Pretty effective for a smaller band wanting to try and make it bigger. I have created my own site of which tries to help advertise the newer bands and artists by them sharing the music at my site (and in turn others can discover new artists) I feel there is nothing more powerful than the hidden diamonds out in the world trying to make it big, so I try and help that.

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