7 Second ‘Twerk Team’ Vine Video Delivers 750% Sales Increase To Year Old Song

Twerk teamIt's easy to dismiss Vine as just another fad, and it may be,  But this month Vine delivered viral hit status and real sales to Hip-hop group FiNaTTicZ’s song "Don’t Drop That Thun Thun" which had been released in April 2012.  On July 9th some bikini clad and dancing fans posted a 7 second video on Vine and an almost-over track exploded.     

Tagged "twerk team", and thus also feeding of the viral "twerking" dance phenomena, the video was shared more than 108,000 times.  Sales of the track, which sold 4000 copies the week before the Vine video was posted, jumped to 34,000 the week after and 77,000 the next, according to Billboard

It really took us by surprise,” said label eOne Music’s digital marketing head Chris Herche. “More often than not, these things happen organically. You can attempt to start something yourself. But predominantly, the thing that makes them special is that they’re real and not forced,” he told Billboard. “It’s our responsibility as music marketers to make sure we’re aware of what our fans do on social media and help amplify it.”

Here is the Vine video reposted on YouTube:

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  1. This is interesting, I wouldn’t necessarily want this represent my music or me as an artist. But the idea of sex selling isn’t new. Don’t think Vine deserves any credit here. This could’ve been done on any video sharing site.

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