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Amadou and Mariam: A Special Kickstarter About Music and Love

image from www.sonicabuse.comThere are hundreds of music Kickstarter campaigns, and most only deserve the attention of uber-fans. But this campaign to travel
to Mali to film the love and music of Amadou and
Mariam is different. These two have persevered and overcome great odds to make musical history. 

Northern Mali, music has been banned and musicians there have been beaten and
killed for breaking that law. This blind couple from Mali want to bring their success story to the people of their homeland in
hopes of inspiring them and the nation. Amadou and Mariam also deeply desire to have
the music of Mali become international.

The inspirational story
of Amadou and Mariam is one that deserves to be told.  They asking for help in bring the story to screen by donating to the
Amadou and Mariam: The Magic Couple Documentary.



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