Case Study: Musician Crowdfunds His First T-shirt Using Teespring

Keith-medley-shirt-backCreators Freedom Project has a nicely focused case study of a crowdfunding project they did with musician friend Keith Medley. Together they created and funded a t-shirt with no up-front cost using Teespring, a t-shirt crowdfunding platform. The modest experiment was a solid success and revealed why Teespring is particularly well-designed for its niche.

Teespring has gotten a lot of tech media coverage due to their strong start including hitting $750k in revenue per month while they were still at Y Combinator.

By working with a network of screenprinters Teespring offers a higher quality product than digital printing services such as CafePress at a lower price.

Teespring allows you to create a design, test demand via a crowdfunding campaign and then Teespring handles fulfillment. You won't have to pay Teespring anything to make this happen.

Creators Freedom Project partnered with Keith Medley on a modest t-shirt project. Medley is known for his 27 string guitar and sells CDs of his music through his website.

Using one of the designs etched into Medley's guitar, they launched a campaign for a limited edition that quickly hit goal. Sales then continued until the end of the campaign at which point t-shirts were created on-demand and delivered to participants.

An important point to remember is that this is the first time Medley had offered merch so it was also a no-risk experiment for him in that regard.

The case study goes into the details of a no-budget campaign. It's an excellent example of how even relatively simple projects combine a lot of different elements.


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