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Consumers Want To Buy And Sell Pre-Owned Digital Tracks, Other Content [SURVEY]

image from www.airportequipmentrentals.comThe courts have not been kind to ReDigi and others trying to sell "used" digital goods, but a new Download on Digital survey of 11,000+ consumers who purchased digital content in the last 12 months shows 65% would be interested in selling some of their digital products and 57% are interested in buying "used" content.

Stats By Country:

Consumers in China had the biggest appetite for selling, with 82% of respondents ready to resell, followed by South Korea (78%) and India (66%).

Consumers in South Korea had the biggest deisre to buy second hand digital content (70%), followed by US ci(60%) and India (57%).

Inthe UK, 49%  were interested in reselling digital purchases, and 55% were ready to buy.

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