Creativity in Constraint: Exploiting the Boundaries

MBP_CASBS_SUMMIT13_TOP-WEB-6129On July 11, 2013, Stanford University’s Center for the Advanced Study of Behavioral Sciences held its 2nd annual Behavior Science Summit that examined the state of behavioral science and its role in technology, the arts, business, and society as seen through the lens of creativity and innovation. One speaker, Daniel Levitin (author of This Is Your Brain On Music), talked about how some of the most creative music has come to exist not in result of revolution, but by way of evolution. On Music Think Tank, Diana Hereld asks: Is constraint essential for effective creative production, or have our greatest visions come from pushing the limits?
What do you think?

“The expansion and sharing of music leaps from country to country, from people group to the academy and back again like wildfire. In culture, it is often a greatest common factor.”

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  1. It is true at some extent. That is my personal opinion but when I read whole article I couldn’t figure out what they are talking about? Thats the problem with highly educated people, what they write is way over simple minded peoples head.

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