Digital Marketing & Ecommerce: Dropify Download 2.0, Nuplays Relaunches, Four Tet x Bitcoin

Nuplays-logoDigital options for music sales and marketing continue to improve for DIY musicians and indie labels. Promo download service Dropify recently released a much improved version still focused on free downloads. Nuplays is relaunching with a wider range of integrated services and label options. While Bitcoin makes a surprise Twitter appearance via a Four Tet album announcement.

Dropify Download 2.0 Released

Dropify is a low-cost service with generous free options that allow you to offer free downloads for marketing purposes that can include requiring Facebook likes or simply encouraging social shares.

They've improved the service in a number of ways with Dropify Download 2.0 including:

  • streamlined download process
  • user comments
  • soundcloud integration
  • easy social sharing
  • guest downloads w/out using Dropify app

Now all they need to do is add "tweet for content" and "email newsletter signups for content" to become a leading promo tool.

Nuplays Relaunches With Expanded Services

Nuplays launched last year to provide both musicians and labels music and merch ecommerce services that include the ability to create bundles.

This week they're officially relaunching with a variety of improved features including the integration of NuPlays TV for live pay-per-view concerts. These can be created by performers but NuPlays is also working to develop a network of venues. They're currently looking for venues that would like to participate.

Additional improvements include:

  • site redesign to facilitate discovery.
  • "label mode" allows for direct sales or sales via NuPlays Distribution, a separate business unit.
  • label mode also includes the ability to create multiple manager accounts.
  • free option to have one's music sent to a "network of radio presenters" with positive reviews resulting in additional onsite promo.
  • the ability to bundle music and merch sales with live concert streams.

Future improvements will include reduced rates for music merch.

Four Tet Name Checks Bitcoin


Four Tet's recent surprise album announcement included the above minirant that noted there would be "no bit coin deal." Not sure how many people caught that but it's another tiny step toward wider Bitcoin awareness.


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  1. Oh look a new form of distribution…..oh wait they’re getting content from digital distributors so it’s a subchannel of distribution for the current digital distributors with direct to fan engagement of experiences…not sure how this is new other then having nu in the name.

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