DIY Music Sales: Artists.MTV Adds Downloads Carousel, Min.io Launches, GeoRiot Adds Amazon

Radkey_mtvdownloadNew ways to make one's music and related digital content available for sales continue to emerge that benefit both DIY and indie artists. Artists.MTV recently added Downloads Carousels in partnership with Topspin Media. Min.io launched as a new bitcoin-driven econtent sales platform. While GeoRiot extended their iTunes internationalization link service to Amazon affiliate sales.

Artists.MTV Downloads Carousel

Last month MTV and Topspin announced the launch of a Downloads Carousel (pictured above) on Artists.MTV pages for users of the free ArtistLink service. The Carousel offers both free and paid music downloads with email collection.

Topspin has more about how it works.

Min.io Launches for Digital Content Sales Using Bitcoin

The alternative digital currency Bitcoin remains an interesting proposition for music sales as its legitimacy increases and ecommerce outlets emerge. A new entry in digital goods sales using Bitcoin is the new Min.io.

Min.io joins a slowly growing range of bitcoin sales options that can best be classified experimental.

GeoRiot Adds Amazon to International Affiliate Sales Links

I've previously written about GeoRiot's international iTunes affiliate links that take a link to a song in iTunes and translate it to the correct iTunes store for the local web browser. This is a powerful tool for those musicians who join affiliate programs in order to receive an extra percentage of web sales.

Now GeoRiot has expanded to Amazon which is good news for musicians. Since iTunes is the largest digital music sales outlet and Amazon the largest CD outlet, you're now able to serve and benefit from web shoppers around the world.

More on GeoRiot x Amazon.

Bonus Ecommerce Insights:

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