Email Still Top Marketing Tool, Says New Study

image from www.compliancebuilding.comWith the many discussions, studies and success stories touting the importance of social media, email is still the most useful tool in the kit, according to a new survey of marketing professionals by the Direct Marketing Association. Though it's starting to shift, email is the #1 channel for 55% of marketers.

image from www.emarketer.com
In the future, email will likely become a bit less important. Cross-channel real-time messages, while sent out by only 29% of marketers at the time of survey, saw the most interest for future implementation at 49%, according to eMarketer.  Mobile devices will also become more important to real-time marketers, with 42% planning to invest going forward.

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  1. Even with the shift and drop in focus, e-mail marketing could easily represent the best opportunity to communicate and engage with the core audience of a brand/band. Instead of using up 55% of a marketing budget to flood your e-mail list with a less than relevant newsletter each month, brands/bands/agencies will allot 32% and look to implement a more focused approach. Hyper-targeted, one-to-one marketing is the future, so long as it is presented as less intrusive and fully transparent.

  2. I think list building will always have an impact on marketing for the simple fact that all of the other channels except maybe a few.. all require “email address” to have an account…

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