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Guitarists: Sell Tab Notation Of Your Songs Via Soundslice’s Pitch Perfect

Fair-pricesSoundslice is a new company that began by creating tab notation for guitar parts synced to audio. Especially suited to guitarists with a fanbase that wants to learn to play their songs or their parts in songs, Soundslice is now making it possible for such artists to sell the notation with Pitch Perfect. For the right artists this new offering could become a serious revenue stream.

I wrote about the use of Soundslice synced notation as a marketing tool for a Dawes cover song contest a couple of weeks ago.

That seemed pretty cool but what's even cooler is making money selling those notations. Now you can do that with Soundslice Pitch Perfect.

The new offering allows you to sell Soundslice tab notations synced to an audio recording via their platform. You get 70% of the sale price and a new relationship with all those solo guitarists posting covers of your guitar parts on YouTube.

Currently you'll have to transcribe your own songs, though an automation feature will one day help you get started, or you can get transcription services via Soundslice.

They're kicking things off with the album "Porteña Soledad" by Gonzalo Bergara. You can find out more by checking out that example and reading this post from co-founder Adrian Holovaty.

Holovaty told me via email that their "general litmus test" for "which types of artists would be good for this?" is as follows:

Artist has a lot of musician fans (i.e., fans who want to learn their songs).

Artist owns copyright to their material (i.e., isn't weighed down by exclusive agreements with legacy publishers).

Artist is pretty well known, at least within their genre.

Judging from what I've seen on YouTube, that potentially includes a lot of working guitarists who aren't topping the charts but have built a sizable following among other guitarists.

Soundslice appears to be iterating rapidly which means they are introducing regular improvements to their product in addition to periodically having larger product announcements such as the launch of Pitch Perfect. So if you are interested but see some flaws, keep an eye on the site for further developments.

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