Halocene Sings Hypebot A Punk Rock Happy Birthday [VIDEO]

image from i1.ytimg.comWe try to walk our talk at Hypebot, so it seemed appropriate that we celebrate this week's 9th Bithday using some of the services and techniques we write about. With dreams of creating something viral, we turned to outsourcing platform Fiverr (As Clyde wrote, Fiverr is both a source of help and income for many musicians.) to hire an indie musician to create a fun YouTube birthday video to post on the blog, Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

It turned out that, Halocene, one of the musicians that Clyde wrote about, work on Fiverr under the name Ceneworksmedia creating punk rock birthday songs for $5 audio / $25 video. As they told Clyde. "Addie and I (Brad) have been able to quit our dead end cubical jobs and live off of recording music for a living, and finally tour the country with our band Halocene. It's great, because we get to further spread the word about our band while meeting the needs of our clients. Even better, many of our fans are clients, and many of our clients become fans."

So with fists in the air,  here's a Hypebot's punk rock Happy Birthday:

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