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How I Listen: Music Think Tank’s Natalie Cheng

Natalie-chengIn How I Listen, we ask industry leaders to share how they discover and consume music. This 9th Anniversary edition features Natalie Cheng, Music Think Tank Community Manager, MBA candidate at Belmont University and Digital Marketing Intern at Rockhouse Partners. Natalie, who has been a valuable team member here for several years is graduating and on the lookout for the right opportunity.

1) What device(s) do you use to listen to music?

Depending on where I am, the devices differ. When I'm driving short distances, I usually listen to the radio or to cd's that I have in the car since it can be a hassle scrolling through my iPod to find songs. In Nashville, I like listening to the independent radio station, Lightning 100, when I get sick of the other stations that play the same songs all the time. The station also plays local music which is really cool and I like Lightning 100 Unplugged which features alternate or acoustic versions of songs on Sunday mornings. On longer drives, I make a playlist and listen to my iPod.

When I'm at home or school, I like listening to music on Spotify or iTunes.

2) What streaming music service(s) do you use most often?


3) Besides recommendations from friends, how do you discover new music?

I discover new music from listening to the radio, watching TV (I use Shazam when I hear a song that sounds good to me), or reading blogs or tweets to see what other people or musicians are recommending.

4) What new music are you listening to most this week?

Collapsible Lung – Relient K

5) Shameless Plug: What are you promoting/launching/planning that you want to share.

I'm excited to say that I will be graduating soon. I'm currently looking for jobs in the music industry and social media/digital marketing positions.


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