Jack Conte Of Pomplamoose Tries Bundle Dragon For DIY Digital Bundles

Bundle-dragon-logoBundles of music and merch and of all-digital content have shown that there are many alternatives to simply throwing in the towel, giving everything away for free and hoping for the best on the road. With a growing number of outlets for creating and selling your own bundles, you're increasingly likely to find a service that fits your distinctive needs. Bundle Dragon is one such service that combines digital bundles with sliding scale pricing.

Bundle Dragon is new a creation by the folks that developed the Retro Game Music Bundle. According to Evan Killham, writing for GamesBeat, after developing the tech to power their own bundle sales, they then decided to make it available for others to use.

You can get the basic idea by checking out the dedicated page for Jack Conte's bundle featuring his solo music plus one Pomplamoose track included in the top level bundle.

There are three levels of content bundles with each higher level including all the content from lower levels. Minimum pricing is set for each level with a maximum suggested price and a choose your own option in case you wish to exceed the maximum.

A leaderboard shows the top contributors, who can choose to be anonymous, and a gifting option is available. Account creation is free and Bundle Dragon takes 15% after transaction fees. Payment options include PayPal, Amazon and Google Checkout.

Killham found the bundle creation process exceptionally simple and includes a slideshow of each screen for your viewing pleasure.

Bundle Dragon encourages you to also consider joining with other musicians or content creators to build an enticing bundle of digital goods. So you can go all-music or align yourself with artists in other fields to create a unique offering for the whole group's fans.


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