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Jay-Z Takes To Twitter For 5 Hours: The Highlights

image from www.urbaninformer.comJay-Z took to Twitter last night for five hours. After a high profile week of album release and Sansung app blowback, he seemed ready to set the record straight. And with tweets that ranged from informal press conference answers to even less formal fan interactions, the rapper/entrepreneur let loose. The highlights:

On the music industry:

RT @TinaciousAoun What is the biggest lesson you've learned from the music industry? @S_C_ [run when people say "Worldwide smash"]

On the album/app release controversy:

RT @DylanByers What's your reaction to Times charge that your MCHG rollout was invasive in its surveillance of your fans[sux must do better]
RT @TylerBritter Do you still have 99 problems or have they all been sorted? [ new problems]

On Twitter:

RT @_VintageVisual LOOOOOOLLL who is in charge of Jay-Z's tweets????? I am dying right now *Jay-Z laugh [well I am of course..FACTS only..]


RT @TCrabtree83 . @S_C_ Are you retiring from music to focus on Twitter? [YES. but you knew that already]

On Beyonce:

RT @LucaBrasi718 What Beyonce Say To You After This? ["Doing all sorts of twisted shit with your fingers" ]

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