Soundslice Tab Notation Featured In Dawes Cover Song Contest

Soundslice-logoDawes is on tour and in the midst of a cover song contest using Soundslice Tab Notation to give beginners a chance to dive right in. The contest also utilizes YouTube for managing entries while extending their social media impact and offers a Fender guitar to the winner. It's a nice example of using a mix of tools and brands to create a marketing event.

Dawes Covers Competition is accepting cover version entries of either of their songs, "From The Right Angle" or "Most People," as YouTube video responses. The creator of the band's favorite cover wins a Fender guitar.

Dawes is currently on tour in support of their recent release "Stories Don't End." Both of the competition songs are from the new album.

Dawes – Most People – How To Play

One of the distinctive features of the competition is the use of Soundslice to sync tabs with video, as you can see on the competition page.

According to the FAQ the process is manual but there are plans to develop an automated feature to get things started as well as adding standard notation.

While Dawes integrated Soundslice into a competition, you can use it to share notation for your songs with fans and post the video and notation combo publicly on Soundslice.

For a behind the scenes tech talk with Soundslice co-founder Adrian Holovaty see 37signals.

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