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The Music Tech Graveyard: A Graphic Look At Music Tech Startups Circa 2007

image from www.dennis-yu.comA collection of logos of music tech companies circa 2007 prepared by designer Jadam Kahn serves as reminder of just what a treacherous sector music tech can be. Hypebot turns 9 this week; so we've been there to chronicle it all. But  even we were surprised by the huge number of defunct startups, and tip our hat to those that survived.

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  1. No respect I tell ya! For the record, Bandzoogle has been around since 2004 and continues to go strong 🙂

    Dave Cool
    (Yes, that’s my real name)
    Director of Artist Relations
    Twitter: @dave_cool @Bandzoogle

  2. I don’t understand – many of these are still going strong. Why would you name this music tech graveyard and include companies such as Shazaam, Bandzoogle, Pandora, etc..?
    Well, you got your clickthrough I suppose.

  3. How many of the dead music tech companies offered access to free music (contributing to it’s devaluation) without a sustainable business model to pay for it all? There seems to be no shortage of investors willing to fund new companies like this every year.

  4. I agree with Dr. Knoise, what the hell are you guys on about? Reverbnation? Pandoara? They’re all still with the living among at least 20 other companies you’ve listed.
    I’ll tell you at least one you’ve missed: popcuts. Remember them? Oh and what about Hypebot? JK. How does it feel?

  5. might be working, but I, for one, think they have already missed their chance. Giants now standing in their way – and it won’t be easy to get back up there.

  6. What I got from that list is the fact that Still Around isn’t success. At least from the Artist perceptive. Have you ever listened to my music yet? Did you get your foot in the door with that Record company or Publisher, or got a song sold to a TV Show. The list goes on. Just like in the old days before any of these, it’s all about luck and being in the place at the right time, with the right ear listening. Pay to Play is Big Business.

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