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Vinyl News: New Promo Site, Vinyl Crowdfunding, Turn Your Ashes Into Vinyl?

vinylVinyl continues to be a growing music industry niche that refuses to bow to the propaganda of technological determinism. New Vinyl Release is a new site for promoting such activity. Crowdfunding is funding new releases as well as repressings. And Vinyly is supposedly turning cremated human remains into limited edition pressings. Bet you won't see that on cassette!

New Vinyl Release

This week Erik Peterson, whose hifidelics twitter account is one of my favorite sources for vinyl news, launched New Vinyl Release.

It's a free promotional site for new vinyl releases that Peterson also intends to keep ad-free. He simply requests that everyone involved "send a little traffic back."

Go here to submit your new release, pre-order or reissue.

Crowdfunding Vinyl

Despite the quick withdrawal of Universal's vinyl crowdfunding project in the face of webrage, vinyl crowdfunding is doing just fine.

Ashley Norris recently shared her observations on Kickstarter and the vinyl revival as well as a few of her favorite campaigns.

And Ian Harrison spoke with Ninja Tune’s Martin Dobson who came up with the idea for Beat Delete after a fire in London burned a warehouse full of vinyl. They apparently aren't limiting themselves to lost vinyl but are crowdfunding a wide range of interesting releases.

Rest In Vinyl

The Vinyl Factory is another great source of vinyl news including a piece about a rather bizarre service that claims to take your cremated ashes and turns them into a limited edition vinyl pressing.

They seem to think And Vinyly is the real deal despite the gallows humor on display. Up to 30 discs will cost you 3000 pounds with your own audio. Additional options include tailored music and original artwork for the cover.

They will also accept cremated body parts or the ashes of your pet for the same price.

It seems like a put-on but these days it's hard to tell the difference between real news and articles from The Onion.


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