VOTE: If You Care About Music, Should You Ditch Spotify? [POLL]

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(UPDATED) If you care about music should you ditch Spotify? That’s the title of a recent New Yorker magazine article and a bottom line question some involved in the “Are streaming services payting musicians enough?” debate wish more fans were considering. What do you think?  Take our poll below:

If you care about music, should you ditch Spotify?
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  1. New technology, same old shit. Spotify want to make money, as do the record labels and they don’t give a toss about the ‘content’ or where it comes from as long as it costs as little as possible.

  2. It got the younger generation in many European countries to stop getting their music from thepiratebay and similar. I see nothing but good things coming from Spotify. I use it all the time but if I really like something then I buy it on iTunes.

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