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Watch Demo Of iTunes Radio: How Apple Is Transforming Music Consumption

image from www.designdownloader.comWhen Apple launched Siri in 2011, Kyle Bylin wrote that, as it evolved, the iPhone operating system would likely transform how we interact with music. Now, a new video that provides a first look at iTunes Radio, iOS7 and how Siri powers the music experience, shows that Bylin's predictions are coming true.


"Most music apps fail because they solve problems that not enough people have, or are sufficiently aware of," wrote Bylin in Billboard in October of 2011. "With Siri, Apple will continue to provide solutions to problems people don't know they have in the first place."

"Shazam and Pandora aren't just apps; they're features," wrote Bylin. "To use them, a person 
image from only need to know that they want to identify a song or listen to a custom radio station and-like magic-the desired process should occur."  When iOS 7 launches this Fall, they will be able to.

iTunes Radio, alongside an upgraded Siri and iOS, offers near instant play, infinitely customizable streams and single command track purchases and more – all via simple voice commands. 

This video demo by analyst Richard Greenfield of BTIGReaserch, won't win any awards for it's production values. But make it through it's 5 minutes 35 seconds, and you'll glimpse the future of music consumption.

Read more of Kyle Bylin's music industry analysis here on Hypebot, at and as the co-host of or Upward Spiral podcast.

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  1. Seems pretty basic. Slacker has more station customization features than this. The only real innovation here is the voice recognition and that seems laggy.
    Also, you click Radiohead Radio and the first song played is AC/DC?

  2. I agree with Karen’s comment. Users may default to using iTunes Radio because it’s built into iOS7, but music listeners could be easily wooed to an app with better curation. social features, direct to fan, etc.

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