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A Graphic Look At The New Digital Music Ecosystem

image from allindstrom.comDigital music revenue will reach $11.6 billion by 2016, surpassing physical music sales; even as the overall recorded music business continues to shrink.  That's the conclusion of a new report by from Siemer Ventures.

Who are the big players in the new digital music ecosystem?  This chart offers a quick overview: 

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via LA Times

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  1. Could it be that once again (or still) the actual musicians are getting the short end of the stick? Most are so focused on their music chops or can’t handle the business side that everyone else is making money off of them but them.

  2. I certainly empathize with the analyst that put this together, but not with the senior i-bankers that should have known better before this went out the door.
    “x is missing or should be recategorized” is a clear problem here (last i checked Thumbplay cancelled my service a few years back when they merged into iHeart), but there’s also a fundamental issue with comprehension of the inter-workings of various players in the digital music industry. Guys like Rovi and the Echo Nest (missing?) belong in a very important middleware category that add a ton of value and transform the dumb pipe from label to distributor into one that enhances listener experiences.

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