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AdRev Launches To Offer Indies YouTube Monetization Services

ContentID com Press Release is a new entrant in what suddenly seems like a crowded field, helping musicians collect money from YouTube. A product of AdRev, brings the services they've developed working with large clients to indie musicians, labels and publishers.

AdRev handles YouTube administration and monetization for such clients as Universal Publishing Production Music, Warner/Chappell Production Music and songwriter Bob Dylan. is a self-serve platform for smaller clients designed to provide indies full access to YouTube copyright administration and monetization options.

Today's announcement include:

Highlights of by AdRev

  • 100% payout on your own videos on your official YouTube channel
  • 80% payout on 3rd party uploads/fan videos
  • CPM optimization and 3rd party network ad sales partners
  • SoundCloud integration – SoundCloud users can seamlessly add music to’s database and enable monetization of YouTube videos containing their music
  • YouTube Certified team with over 2.5 years’ experience in YouTube music rights administration
  • FTP upload with mass metadata tagging feature for users with large catalogs
  • A dedicated support staff offering asset and rights management to artists, labels and publishers also highlights differences with some of their competitors.

My one concern is the name which appears potentially misleading given that YouTube refers to its audio and video identification tech as Content ID.

AdRev CEO Ryan Born replied in an email:

"Content ID is a generic term like "diapers" (where content of course means "content" and ID is simply short for "identification". As a related example. is owned by Amazon but of course anyone anyone can make and sell diapers and use the term diapers…."

" by AdRev does and will announce product that handles more than just YouTube music rights administration though this release is just about that aspect of our site / service."

As he also pointed out, other companies use the term Content ID as well.

For more details about, please see this FAQ.


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  1. Great example of servicing the bottom up economy — making tech services previously only offered to the 1% available to the long tail.

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