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Bandsintown Adds In App Ticketing, Shares Survey Of 40,000 Users

image from blog.official.fmA Bandintown update pushed out to iOS users yesterday adds in app ticket purchases with select vendors. Getting a small cut from tickets sold is increasingly a key music app monetization strategy, and easy app purchases could boost BandsInTown bottom line. The company also shared the results of a survey of 40,000 BandsInTown users:

  • Approximately 1 in 5 fans surveyed have attended a live show by a Bandsintown-recommended artist that they previously had never heard of.
  • More than half of Bandsintown users surveyed recommend concerts to their friends and share concerts they’re interested in with their friends.
  • More than half of fans surveyed prefer to get their concert tickets digitally, through email or mobile apps, vs snail mail.
  • Users said the number of concerts they attend has gone up 200% since installing the app.





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