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Beatguide, GigDropper and Makelight Are Finalists For Red Bull Amplifier

Red-bull-amplifier-logoRed Bull Amplifier was announced earlier this year as a music tech accelerator. But instead of investing for equity, Red Bull is making their networks and marketing resources available to companies that will remain independent. Three lucky participants have been named, Beatguide, GigDropper and Makelight, offering an interesting array of music apps.

The concept of Red Bull Amplifier, which gives new music tech companies support in building an audience while spreading the presence of Red Bull, is really quite innovative as is much of Red Bull's community marketing.

I found out that the Red Bull Amplifier winners were recently named via a rep for Beatguide, a startup about which I'd previously written.

Additional winners include GigDropper and Makelight.

Red Bull Amplifier Finalists:

Beatguide is a mobile app for the electronic music scene including information about shows, a music-player and flyer artwork for such cities as Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Ibiza, London and Paris with Hamburg, Cape Town and San Francisco said to be in beta.

GigDropper is described as a "a location-based application, enables users to 'drop' playlists and audio at real world locations. Using the app, people can connect and discover audio content curated by others around a place, giving a hyper-local experience."

Makelight enables you to "join the band, support the team, and become woven into the event as you hold up your phone and contribute your pixel to create the overall picture."

It seems likely that all will benefit from the awareness and audience outreach available through Red Bull Amplifier.

Congratulations to all!


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