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Beats Music: Daisy Gets A Name, Hiring More Staff

image from www.hypebot.comThe Jimmy Iovine, Ian Rogers, Trent Reznor run music streaming service codenamed  Project Daisy finally has a name: Beat Music The company – a $60 million spin-off of Beats Electornics – also recently launcehd a basic web site and has 13 open jobs posted.

13 job postings by Beats Music for engineers and designers based in San Francisco appear to point to a delayed launch.  Co-founder Jimmy Iovine has predicted a summer launch.  But that seems unlikely with interviews for key development team members just starting. Facing entrenched competition from Spotify, Deezer and others, Beats may prefer to take their time refining how they will differentiate their own offering prior to launch.

The jobs posts did provide some clues as to what kind of service Beats Music aspires to be: 


We are Beats Music, the brainchild of music industry visionaries Jimmy Iovine and Trent Reznor.

We know music – we obsess over it, and devote our lives to it. We understand music is an experience, not a utility. We realize the heart and inspiration it takes to craft music and cherish the connection between the artist and the listener. Musical taste is complex, evolving, and unique. We believe that hearing the right music at the right time enriches your life. It's why we're here: To deliver musical bliss, and move culture.

If you care about these things, you belong with us.


You’re friendly, positive, professional, “real”, and fun to work with!

You’re a creative, outside-the-box thinker with excellent problem-solving and decision-making ability. You’re proactive, self-starting, organized, and willing to take on tasks beyond job scope.

You have excellent communication skills, both written and verbal. You’re self-motivated, energetic, and passionate about music.

You can apply here.


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  1. Odd they made hires on the music/content side before hiring the engineers to actually build the thing, no?

  2. This is going to be MOG with the Beats name slapped on top of it and American Idol music forced down your throat.

  3. I’m just worried that the excellent MOG service that Beats bought will be cannibalized to produce what may end up being something less — and/or that they may dumb down the all-320 kbps streams that have made MOG so beloved among people who care about how their music sounds.
    Heaven knows MOG isn’t perfect — but it’s heads and shoulders above Spotify Premium in terms of consistent high fidelity streams.
    It could definitely stand an overhaul in the UI department, though. When I signed up, their old Flash-based player was mostly very good. But when they switched the desktop browser based player to an HTML5-based user interface, they ended up with a super dumbed down UI that really hobbles the user experience. Of course, the REAL problem is HTM5 which simply does not afford the capabilities or flexibilities; sadly, Adobe has proved an exceptionally poor steward of Flash since they bought it and it has become a buggy, insecure joke.
    I’ve been using subscription streaming since around 2004/5 and I saw the old MusicMatch On Demand cannibalized into Yahoo Music, which never did achieve the user experience or site quality of the earlier service. And, being Yahoo, the music search engine was really lame. I’d say ironically but…

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