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CrowdFlik: Free App Turns Fan Videos Into Crowdsourced Film [VIDEO]

CrowdFlik logoFans shooting cell phone videos can often net unsatisfying results that live forever in YouTube and other social media. CrowdFlik uses the videos shot by multiple fans to enable the creation of multi-angle, shareable video compilations. 

After using gel-location to determine the footage comes from the same event. CrowdFlik ties into the naval atomic clock to time stamp video with 1/10th of a second accuracy. Once video is captured and saved, it is recognized by the app in 10 second clips on the event timeline. When a user taps their favorite video clips from an event, CrowdFlik pulls the different event footage from the cloud and synchronize it.

CrowdFlik is available free for download for iPhone 4, 4s and above. The app will be available for Android devices by August. Yesterday, Clyde wrote about another promising new video app Mixbit.

Here's a CrowdFlik teaser video:


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