Dotted Music Releases The Electronic Artist Success Recipe Box [Free For Limited Time]

WeSpinRecipeBoxCoverDotted Music's Andrew Apanov is kicking off their new We Spin business training program for electronic music DJs and producers with a free bundle of audio and video interviews. The interviews include some ideas that are important for all DIY and indie musicians but the focus is always on the distinctive needs of electronic musicians. This is not production oriented material but rather focuses on the business side of things.

You may know Andrew Apanov from Dotted Music which provides a variety of marketing and web services for musicians. Apanov also produces the Stand Above The Noise video interview series with music business professionals which we've been premiering here at Hypebot.

In an email Apanov explained a bit of the rationale behind the We Spin training program and community, which starts in the fall, as well as the free bundle of business interviews:

"The tips that apply to bands do not always work for electronic artists. Most of the promotional and business advice still works, but there are a number of specifics (to start with, indie labels have always been key players in any electronic genre, and now their impact is only raising; so the popular 'you don't need a label' advice sounds odd to a producer)."

He also pointed out:

"90% of producers I've met and consulted have no idea what to do with their music other than 'sending it to labels' and through We Spin they will be able to learn how to brand themselves, use non-music hobbies and interest as their USP (unique selling proposition), build fanbases, partner with brands, approach labels and bloggers the right way, book DJ and live gigs and so on."

"The community part (technically, it will be a subscribers-only forum) is for getting answers to any marketing and business questions, like a one-stop destination for all things related to running an electronic music business career. I will be providing personal support and assistance to every member in there. There will also be monthly webinars for subscribers, invited guests, special offers."

The free for a limited time Electronic Artist Success Recipe Box is available in exchange for an email address, which will get you more info on the upcoming program, and contains the following:

10 Exclusive Audio Interviews

Starkey – "What It Takes To Make A Living Making Music"

Philadelphia-based street bass producer and DJ, released on the likes of Ninja Tune, Planet Mu etc. Co-founder of Seclusiasis record label.

Ian Clifford – "This Is The Best Time To Be An Electronic Artist"

Music marketer, founder of Make It In Music, worked at Three Six Zero (a management firm behind Deadmau5, mau5trap, Calvin Harris etc.)

Terry Church – "You Are A Brand And A Publisher"

Co-founder of social media management platform JustGo Music, former Editor of Beatport and a former DJ Mag editor, has done PR for David Guetta, Luciano, Dubfire, and many more top brands.

James Vorres – "Digital Stores Raise Your Exposure"

Digital/Label Marketing Manager at Juno Download, founder of Sccucci Manucci record label.

Jay Cunning – "Musician As An Entrepreneur"

A bass DJ, founder of Sub Slayers record label, co-host of the Sub Slayers show on the UK's underground KoolLondon.com.

dimmSummer – "You Have To Build A Fanbase"

Co-Founder of High Chai Recordings, an electronica label with numerous records making it to the Top 5 of the Beatport charts; founder of TrygaDesign.com.

N-Type – "It's About Persistance"

A multi award winning dubstep DJ / producer, radio show host at Rinse Fm, founder of Wheel & Deal, Terrain, co-owner of Sin City Recordings.

Yvette Chivers – "Broaden Your Horizons"

A DJ and radio host, Managing Director at NE-Xcuse, creator of B-Side Project, a music network remix project.

Rob Sparx – "You Need A Team"

A drum & bass / dubstep producer and DJ with releases on Formation, Grid, Propaganda, Vibez, Audiophreakz, Dubting, On The Edge etc.

Mennie – "Labels Help Artists Grow Big"

A house DJ / producer, label manager at Fahrenheit Music, one of the Top 10 house labels on Beatport.


Video Interview With Robert "Monolake" Henke

(Co-Founder Of Ableton Live)

I got an advance look at the bundle and I found a few bonus goodies including a track from the first We Spin Records music release.


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