Facebook’s Embedded Posts Go Live To All

Takei-mobile-embedYesterday Facebook announced that Embedded Posts are now available for posting any public post to one’s site or blog. Improvements since the initial launch in July include the ability for videos to play from within the Embedded Post on one’s site. If you’re trying to build your Facebook page, this will be a particularly powerful tool for so doing.

Facebook’s Embedded Posts were introduced at the end of July for a select group of publishers. It’s a great way for Facebook to extend its reach beyond its own walls while providing a wider range of options for growing and marketing your Facebook presence.

Yesterday Embedded Posts were rolled out to everybody and they’re quite easy to use.

1. You have to be logged into Facebook and planning to embed a post marked Public.

2. In the upper right hand corner of the post will be a drop-down menu that now includes “Embed Post.”

3. Click “Embed Post” and a popup box will appear showing you the final product and providing the code which can be cut and pasted into your site or blog as shown above.

My only disappointment so far is that at least some posts that are treated as Status Updates, which show a photo with the link, don’t show the photo in the Embedded Post. Not sure if there’s a clear pattern or just a typical Facebook oddity but it makes the embed less interesting.

Embedded Posts are definitely a smart move for Facebook and a useful marketing tool for musicians.

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