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“Fly Or Die” TV Show About Making It In Pop Music Launches Via BitTorrent Bundle

Fly-or-die"Fly Or Die" is a new scripted series with a reality tv style that takes ON the world of pop songwriting duo Rock Mafia, adds celebrity cameos, mixes in plot decisions from audience members who repond to the call, balances it all out with a team of tv making professionals behind the scenes and introduces it with a BitTorrent Bundle release. Seems appropriate for a show about manufacturing pop music.

Rock Mafia writes songs for artists ranging from Miley Cyrus to Green Day to Mariah Carey. Which means they rub shoulders with everyone from big stars to those trying to become big stars. And that means they are the perfect source for a scripted tv series featuring a couple who write pop songs called "Beat Mob."

"Fly Or Die" – The Trailer

"Fly Or Die" is being introduced via a BitTorrent Bundle with the now-established two step option of basic content available immediately with additional content available for an email address. Those who opt in for the additional content will get bonus videos, additional information and an invite to join the process.

According to Tim Staples of Converge Studios, the production team behind "Fly Or Die" will contact those who send emails for show feedback:

"If you go through the process of giving us your e-mail, that says a lot about your investment in the show…We want to make this the most interactive show in Hollywood…We want to engage the audience and have them play the role of the Hollywood suits."

It's hard to know how much impact the audience will have based on statements from Converge's Joel Bergvall:

"We have a very clear idea of what this universe is and very clearly defined characters…We want to invite the audience to make a lot of the important choices about story paths…We want to have an open dialogue with our viewers."

Should be an interesting if complicated process and certainly another unique use case for a BitTorrent Bundle. Download the "Fly Or Die" bundle here.


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