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Grooveshark To Settle EMI Publishing Lawsuit, Sign New Licensing Deal [REPORT]

image from 1.bp.blogspot.comControversial music streamer Grooveshark has settled it's lawsuit with EMI Publishing and will sign a new licensing agreement as early as this week, sources tell The Verge.  Grooveshark continues to be the target of legal actions from other rightsholders for their system which allows any user to post songs that others can listen to.

That Grooveshark has survived this long is a surprise to many industry watchers, with legal actions reportedly causing dissension among an already reduced staff.  

Just last month Grooveshark was added to Google Search's autocomplete blacklist. This dubious distinction has previously been reserved for high profile copyright offenders like The Pirate Bay. A look at the search traffic for “Grooveshark” appears to show that they were put on the blacklist at the end of April – the same time that Universal Music Group won a major appeal against the streaming music service.

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