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Hypebot’s Music Tech Meet Up Is A Huge Success

Hypebot2Tuesday night Hypebot hosted its first music tech meet up at the Rosewood Tavern in Los Angeles, and we're proud to say it was a huge success! Over 60 people attended the event, grabbed drinks, and chatted throughout the night. Some aspiring artists even heard about the event on the street and decided to introduce themselves to our readers!

See a few photos from the event below:

We could not be more pleased with the turn out for the event and the conversations we had. We met tons of interesting and influential people from the Los Angeles area, and we introduced them to our friends colleagues, and other Hypebot readers. The entire crowd in attendance was smart, fun, nice, and passionate.

Jason Spitz, Corey Crossfield, and myself โ€” the organizers of the event โ€” had an amazing time! In the future, Hypebot readers can definitely look forward to more music tech meet ups in Los Angeles. More details soon! We would like to thank the lovely staff at Rosewood Tavern and everyone who attended the event.

Thank you!

-Jason, Corey, and Kyle

Photo (1)

Vic hightaian, Rynda Laurel, Andy Sternberg, Alison Shaw
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Jaydev Karande, Chris Jahnle, Rick Singer
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  1. This are great events that let us realise how the digital world and the people behind it are REAL! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Thumb up for the music tech meet ups! Maybe one day i’ll make it too.

  2. Looks like it was a great event! We also have been organizing these types of events in Paris, we are holding our Apero Music Tech #3 on Wednesday, September 4th at 19:30 at Point Ephemere if anyone is close enough to make it!

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