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Miley's 'Twerk-gate' Nets Her 400,000 New Fans

CyrusYou may be sick of hearing about it, but Miley Cyrus' VMA performance is yielding an impressive bump in social media activity. In the days following "Twerk-gate", she's seen a 112% rise in social activity compared to the week before, according to MusicMetric Her social stata from August 24 to August 28:

  • up 442,932 social media fans overall
  • 226,273 new Facebook fans
  • 213,104 new Twitter followers. 

And Cyrus may have shared the stage with Robin Thicke, but he only saw an increase of 151,560 new fans - 101,399 on Facebook and 46,372 Twitter followers.

And just in case you need to see it one more time...