Music Marketing With Facebook’s New Shared Photo Albums

Quit-taking-my-picture-stewart-flickrThis week Facebook introduced Shared Photo Albums giving you the ability to create an album and have groups of people contribute pics. It's being gradually rolled out but soon you should be able to create shared albums for events or special campaigns that have marketing power on their own while deepening engagement with one's Facebook fans.

As numerous writers are noting, Facebook's new Shared Photo Albums are a feature previously available elsewhere from Google+'s Party Mode to a variety of independent sites. But Facebook's dominance in the photo sharing space makes it a potentially more powerful feature on their platform.

Facebook's Shared Albums have some limitations that will affect one's music marketing efforts:

  • Shared Albums are for individual accounts, not Pages. This may change but it will require some choices for those organizing their Facebook marketing around their Pages.
  • Shared Albums are limited to 50 contributors who can each upload 200 photos for a grand total of 10,000 pics. Each individual has to be added so one can't simply open things up to everyone attending a large event.
  • However, limiting the number of contributors does encourage involving specific individuals who may be more involved and might be a good perk for hardcore fans of acts with large followings.

Once those limits are maneuvered, Shared Albums seem like a great opportunity for recording and extending the online life of an event such as a live show or creating a themed shoot for 50 select fans.

And since Shared Albums can be marked public so that everyone should be able to see them without signing in, you can take advantage of the potential for involving a select group whose work can be shared with all your fans.

For help getting started, Mashable has a handy guide to Shared Photo Albums.

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