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MusicThinkTank Community Manager Natalie Cheng Bids Farewell

image from up7.typepad.comNatalie Cheng, the dedicated longtime Community Manager of our sister publication MusicThinkTank has graduated and is moving on. I can't thank her enough for all that she's done for MTT and Hypebot. As she hits the pavement in search of a job, readers who run companies would be well served to contact her. Here is Natalie's own goodbye:

Dear Hypebot & MusicThinkTank Readers,

Thank you for all your support of Hypebot and Music Think Tank. I have enjoyed reading your thoughts on the music industry, writing about interesting music apps like Uberlife and, and discussing the future of the industry. I wanted to announce that I will be leaving my position as Community Manager of Music Think Tank and transitioning the role over to Laura. It’s been fun managing Music Think Tank and I’m very thankful for Bruce and Kyle for giving me this opportunity. I’m currently looking for entry level opportunities in digital marketing, social media, and in the music business.

If you would like to contact me to chat about the music industry, social media, or any opportunities, please send me an email at: natalie.cheng88 at

Thank you Bruce Houghton and Kyle Bylin for giving me the opportunity to work with Hypebot and Music Think Tank! Thanks to you all for reading Hypebot and Music Think Tank!


Natalie Cheng, MTT Community Manager (@ncswim881)

Editor: We'll introduce you to MusicThinkTanks new Community Manager, Laura Scheneider, next week.

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