Is MySpace “Like An Internet Cockroach”? [VOTE]

new myspace logoDespite an impressive new design and significant traffic, some pundits are declaring the new MySpace D.O.A. “The former social networking behemoth is like an Internet cockroach, refusing to die even after several virtual whacks inflicted by everyone from tech reporters, to Twitter haters, to your mom migrating to Facebook,” writes Mashable‘s Brie Harmine.With so many social networking options is it still worth your time?  


Is MySpace Over?
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  1. I used to like Myspace but I had a lot of writing that I had on my blog and when they changed everything it was just gone….I hate the new myspace absolutely hate it and at least when FB and Twitter update ( even though I wish they too would just leave well enough alone sometimes) they don’t lose everything I have on it!

  2. I have just checked out myspace for the first time in years. I had to check it out after I heard JT had acquired it. I have always found the design of myspace a little clumsy and this is no different. I think one of its problems is, it doesn’t know what it wants to be. I suppose it is half way in between soundcloud and a blogging format like tumblr. Does it work? I am not struck.

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