StageBloc Launches Fansites For Justin Timberlake, Kid Rock and You

Tennessee-kidsStageBloc, which launched as a blogging platform described as being somewhere between Tumblr and WordPress, takes another step in its ongoing development with the introduction of fansites. Both Justin Timberlake and Kid Rock have launched their members-only sites and you can too. Designed to be as "simple as creating a brand page on Facebook," they're definitely worth considering if you've got hardcore fans and don't want to be forever beholden to big corporations who just happen to run social networks.

The center of every musician's world on the web should be your official website whether that's a simple blog or something more elaborate. For the last few years StageBloc has been supporting musicians who want to combine basic blogging with direct-to-fan features such as online sales.

While it's important to have a presence on social networks for reaching new fans and staying in touch with current fans, the long-term ideal is to have your own fan club that you control.

50 Cent has long used Ning for ThisIs50 while Lady Gaga was the first to launch a Backplane network for her Little Monsters.

Now both Justin Timberlake and Kid Rock have turned to StageBloc to create their new fansites, respectively The Tennessee Kids and Rebel Soldier Community.

But you don't have to be from the South to take advantage of this Chicago-based startup's services. StageBloc's new fansite features include:

Quick and Easy Setup

Choice of Free or Tiered Memberships

Customizable Sites including a Theme Marketplace

Ability for Fans to Connect Their Social Network Accounts for Easy Content Sharing Offsite

Check out Kid Rock's for an example of tiered memberships with special benefits for paying members. See both Kid Rock's and Justin Timberlake's for the full range of options.

The additional feature is a free addition to StageBloc's sites.


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