The Challenges Facing Musicians In 2013 – Free Research Report

Screen-Shot-2013-08-13-at-06.38.31Being a successful musician in 2013 means overcoming a substantial amount of new obstacles. In June, Right Chord Music launched a survey to better understand what challenges musicians are facing in the new music business. Mark Knight has posted those results on MusicThinkTank.com, offering us valuable insight. The struggle to get new music to target audiences and to turn around enough profit while building a sustainable career were front runners in the survey results.

Are you facing the same challenges? What are you overcoming as a musician in 2013?

"Results highlight the increasing number of sites and services used by
artists to promote their music. It’s no surprise that Facebook
dominates, but it’s interesting to see the growing importance of
Soundcloud and Bandcamp and the much heralded fall from grace of

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