Top Ad Agency Edelman Tells Brands How To Engage The Ever-Evolving Music Fan

headphonesAs music consumption continues to
evolve, money from big brands has become increasingly important.  Sponsorships, licensing, ongoing
initiatives like Converse's Fader Fort and more, all help power the modern music
industry's engine.  Just ask Jay Z who nabbed $5 million from Samsung for 1 million copies of his latest album. B
ut are brands benefiting from their relationship
with music?  Top as agency Edelman
offers 5 ways that they can:

1. Fish where the fish are – "In a fragmented music
market, it’s essential that brands meet consumers in their native
music-listening environments… Although opportunities for brands to engage
music listeners are vast, brand-plays on music streaming services like Pandora,
iHeartRadio and Spotify are ripe for consideration."

2. Do some sensory research – "Forget pushing products
right out of the gate and get a feel for the target market’s passion, listen to
their playlists, go see a live show, taste (and smell) the festival food.
Perhaps the brand will even discover its own music identity in the

3. Gain listeners for the long haul – "Engagement with
them is as simple as finding a common musical interest and committing to
staying in touch."

4. Add a “wow” factor – "The music scene can be loud in
more ways than one, and getting a brand to stand out among the crowd can seem
like quite a hurdle…. The next best thing could be right under your nose.
Creatively leveraging sponsorships, partners and social media can do wonders.

5. Practice what you preach – "If your brand is looking
to communicate with music fans, keep an arsenal of knowledge about the music

What do you think of Edelman's advice to brands?

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  1. Hi, I manage the Edelman Digital blog. We appreciate and welcome the republish, but could you please edit this to include a link back to the original post? Your “Edelman’s advice” link leads only to a picture of earbuds. Thanks 🙂

  2. @Crooneys – Re: #4 — we’re seeing significant inbound interest on our platform where brands are requesting introductions to festival & event producers for sponsorship & experiential activation at their live shows.

  3. All the Ad Agency Edelman tells us in this article, are vague and not pertinent ideas. Using Jay Z as an example, shows just how out of touch Edelman is with the thousands of starving artists out there.

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