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image from www.chartroommedia.comTunecore founders Jeff Price and Peter Wells have added deeply discounted digital music distribution to their recently launched YouTube monetization startup Audiam via Philip Kaplan's DistroKid. Price and Wells were forced out of Tunecore last year. The DistroKid partnership puts them in direct competition with the company they founded, along with offering a major validation of DistroKid's radical pricing model.

image from www.hypebot.comDistroKid distributes the first song free and then charges $19.99 per year for flat fee distribution of an unlimited number of tracks. Tunecore offers no unlimited pricing, and charges $29.99 for single album distribution in the first year rising to $49.99 each following year. 

 DistroKid outlets include iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, iTunes Match, Google Play and iTunes Radio. Like Tunecore, the artist maintains full control of their rights while getting 100% of the revenue from the sale or use of their music.

Audium dashboard

Audiam has linked Distrokid to it's artist dashboard, offering near seamless integration. The partnership means that artists can retain 100% of the money from sales, songs streams, and YouTube views. Audiam artists also earn money from views of other people's YouTube videos which use their music.

“This is why we exist – to get the artist access and more money from the use of their music while allowing them to keep their copyrights," says Price. "God bless Philip Kaplan, founder of DistroKid, for understanding the right way to build a music company.  As the Founders of TuneCore, Peter Wells and I can state with no hesitation this is simply the best model for artists to distribute their music, keep their rights and get paid.”

Audium dashboard


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