Twitter Forefronts Conversations, Tips Ecommerce Plan That Could Sell More Music

Twitter-conversationsWednesday Twitter introduced "conversations," a new way of displaying the first tweets of a discussion in your home feed. This week Twitter's new Chief of Commerce, Nathan Hubbard, also discussed the future possibilities for ecommerce on Twitter. Taken together these developments are a reminder that Twitter's ongoing evolution has mostly been a boon to music marketing and sales.

Twitter's new conversations feature, which is still rolling out, basically highlights the first few tweets in an exchange in your home feed. You can then dive deeper or reply.

A New Look For Twitter Conversations

Om Malik thinks Twitter conversations are incredibly important and represent the "final step in Twitter’s attempt to become like Facebook."

I don't think conversations are currently embeddable but that would be a cool extension of the concept.

Nathan Hubbard on Twitter's Ecommerce Plans

This week former Ticketmaster CEO and President, Nathan Hubbard, was named Twitter head of commerce. He spoke with Ray Waddell about Twitter's ecommerce plans:

"Our approach to commerce will parallel our approach to content, which is to say we’re going to be partners to the owners, producers and merchants of digital and physical goods, and use our distribution and awareness platform to help them sell more."

Waddell pointed to Twitter Cards as one tool that could be adapted for ecommerce as well as used for awareness and marketing.

But the specifics will be introduced then adapted as needed. Hubbard emphasizes that future developments should strongly benefit the music industry though he also clarified that they're not getting into the ticketing biz.

His overall perspective:

"I look at Twitter as one of the great distribution and awareness platforms in the world, and that’s going to be our approach to the owners of physical and digital goods: 'How can we help you sell more?'"


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