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Are Promoters Responsible? House Of Blues Boston Under Review Following Overdoses

image from iamgoldenstate.comNew challenges continue to rock every corner of the music industry. The latest: Are promotes responsible for drug overdoses that happen during concerts? Where does their liability begin and end? Representatives from Boston's House of Blues are defending the club's security procedures following a trio of drug overdoses, one of which proved that fatal at the club on August 27th.

The three overdoses included 19-year-old Brittany Flannigan who started suffering convulsions at the club and was later transported to a hospital where she was pronounced dead. Police suspect that the victims overdoses on MDMA, also known by the street name molly or ecstasy, but do not believe it was purchased at the venue.

In testimony before the head of the city’s Licensing Board, HoB staff described the events of night in question and the venue's security procedures, which they characterized as strict.

According to the Boston Globe, HoB employees stated that they turned away 130 people on the night of the incidents because they appeared to be under the influence of an intoxicant.

“We get called ‘House of Rules’ because our searches are pretty extensive,” Club manager Declan Mehigan said.

“It’s very difficult to determine whether someone has a tiny pill or packet of powder on their person,” Dennis Quilty, a lawyer for the venue added. “We’re as vigilant as can be, but it’s very difficult to stop.”

As of yet, the licensing board has taken no action against the club, but said they would notify the club regarding any sanctions or needed changes to security policy, the Globe reported. - via CelebrityAccess

What responsibity to you think venue owners and promoter's have for drug overdoses at concerts?

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