Audiam Simplifies YouTube Monetization With SoundCloud, Twitter Integrations [EXCLUSIVE]

Audiam infographicYouTube monetization platform Audiam has added integration with both Soundcloud and Twitter. "Now
artists can go to Audiam, import tracks from SoundCloud, get a list of YouTube
videos with their music in them, make money, click Tweet, and make more money," co-founder Jeff Price told Hypebot.

  • Twitter – The user dashboard is updated weekly with a list of videos on YouTube that Audium found found is using their music. They can click on a link and
    watch the video. Now users can also Tweet their fans to watch the
    videos using their music, which leads to more revenue. 

Audiam Twitter

  • Soundcloud – The new integration allows the customer to import recordings directly from their Soundcloud account. There is no longer a need to upload songs, users just move them over to Audium from

According to Audiam, which launched in June, every month on YouTube 25 billion videos are viewed containing music. Of those, half generate an estimated $1.3 billion in advertising revenue that, to date, has gone to high traffic artists and labels.Audiam provides a system for those 12.5 billion views to generate revenue.

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  1. really? this is new? you posted an article about adding twitter links and a soundcloud feature? An entire article about two features everyone has. Am I read this correct? Does you just post anything Jeff Price sends to you and call it news? Come on please.

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