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BeatStars Launches Spotify App Featuring Producers & Production Music

BeatStars_logo2BeatStars is a production music marketplace providing a variety of services from licensing to distribution. Already distributing to Spotify, BeatStars is now adding a marketing element with a Spotify app featuring producers and music from BeatStars. It's a nice example of opening up a site's content in Spotify app form as well as a reminder that app making across platforms is becoming a must have for media and ecommerce companies.

BeatStars was recently self-described on CoFoundersLab:

"Launched in November 2011, BeatStars is an instrumental music licensing marketplace, technology and distribution company that brings 100,000+ recording artists and music producers together. BeatStars manages and monetizes production music catalogs for thousands of content owners and content creators around the world including Grammy Award winning producers and Universal Music Group's production library."

"BeatStars leverages content through it's cross platform licensing application and distribution pipeline to the likes of YouTube, Spotify, Rhapsody, RDIO and more. BeatStars applications are on iOS, Android, Amazon, Spotify and SoundCloud."

These days, once you've got music on a service or platform, it's time to build an app. And so BeatStars now has an app on Spotify.

The homepage of the BeatStars app forefronts select producers, tracks and albums. The app is further subdivided into:

Charts – featuring production music by genre though hip hop, R&B and electronic music predominate.

Music Producers – With tracks, bio information and a link back to the producers page on BeatStars.

Album Reviews – instrumental albums and beat collections with cover art, tracks and a review.

BeatStars' Spotify app is nice example of a straightforward app designed to introduce you to the world of BeatStars while drawing you in deeper.


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