Being A Music Industry Professional

Professional-networksDifferentiating between work and play is often easier said than done. For many, music is more fun than it is work – if you skip the part where you put in good work you'll find yourself missing out on the fun. Professionalism is a key component to your success in any industry but being able to establish and maintain a professional image is crucial in the music business. Jason Giroux offers a few suggestions on how to hone in yours on MusicThinkTank.com

"To the outsider or even amateur touring musician the level of hard work
needed to succed is often not apparent which leads to an inaccurate
view of the discipline involved with being successful in such a
competitive field.

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  1. I’ve tried to access this article for over an hour now. Finally giving up. Sent me to a page to login – so I had to register. I registered and confirmed my email. Went to log in and it doesn’t recognize my log in credentials. I try to register again and it says my information is already taken by someone else – yes indeed – ME! It shouldn’t really be this difficult to access an article. I know I’m not very tech savvy but……..anyone else having issues with this or is it just me?

  2. Hi Dianne, there was an error in the link – my apologies. You should be able to access the article now without any trouble. Thanks for bringing this to my attention! Sorry for the inconvenience!

  3. This has a simple answer, Just always remember that the audience if at a pay to see venue, has paid to see you, they expect good to great for the price they paid. You as a musician know in your heart or you should, that the gift of music and performing is not something everyone has but everyone wishes for. So the fun is automatic. Do Whacha Do! and FUN doing it.
    The Silver Conductor

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