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Casket Streams Spotify When You’re Six Feet Under

coffinFor those of us whose dreams of an afterlife include plenty of our favorite music. an audio-in-you-coffin solution promises to allow you to to take your playlists with you. Of course, your estate still has to keep making those monthly payments to Spotify, but Swedish audio makers Pause Ljud & Bild have created product called the CataCombo Sound System that makes it all possible.

“We want to [communicate] to people that we are the best you can have when it comes to [tailor-made] sound systems and solutions. And we wanted to do something that no one else (has) ever done,” Peter Eriksson, Partner at Pause told Digital Trends. “We [believe] there is a market for it; (so far) we have got three orders from customers around the globe. Our biggest success with [the CataCombo Sound System] is that it become famous all over the world, and it really put Pause and what we do on an international map.”  

Here's the demo video:

The Specs:


  • image from img.digitaltrends.comTwo-way front speakers
  • 4-inch midbass drivers
  • Wide range tweeter with external cooling
  • 8-inch sub bass element
  • Custom built 2.1 amplifier
  • T-class stereo amplifier
  • Tripath Class-T Digital Power Processing™ Technology

  • SP Output R+L (4 ohm): 2x15W
  • Output (8 Ohm): 2x10W
  • Sub bass amplifier 50W RMS with SP output 80/120W
  • Frequency range: 22Hz-20kHz
  • Signal/noise ratio: >98dB signal
  • Acoustic absorption factor αp= 0,65-0,95


  • Performance-upgradeable music server
  • 7-inch TFT-screen
  • 2,5 GHz Intel Core processor
  • 4 GB 1600 MHz HDD
  • Wireless 4G internet connection


  • Access to million of tracks
  • Collaborative playlists


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