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CUREative Content Wins Dream Project Competition At Leadership Music Summit

Dream-melody-campbell-flickrYesterday's Leadership Music Summit in Asheville included a business competition called The Dream Project. Four finalists presented their dream creative and/or business ideas involving music. Attendees voted and a panel of judges made the final decision as to who won a $1000 award from Fanfare Entertainment and recognition in MusicRow magazine.

The Dream Project, sponsored by Fanfare Entertainment, was one of many ways the Leadership Music Summit brought music, entrepreneurship and music entrepreneurs together with a focus on growing Nashville.

Four finalists presented well thought works in progress:

Leigh Fogle, CUREative Content

"Curates and aggregates art, music and education applications for healthcare facilities and delivers this content to their clients/patients through hospital provided tablets, flat screen televisions, and patients mobile devices."

Chad Marcum, Ripple Music

"A cloud-based platform for interactive music and sound content that engages listeners, empowers musicians, and strengthens the industry of music for today and tomorrow."

Marc Lempert, Groove Gallery’s "Communication Rock"

"Communication Rock is an experiential documentary project that explores the relationships forged between music, the artists, sign-language interpreters and fans that can only experience the music through the interpreters due to hearing challenges."

Kelsey Kinsel, Salvation City

"Salvation City is a company committed to raising awareness of suicide prevention by giving hope through music and distributing educational resources into schools nationwide. A 10-artist compilation album has been pressed and packaged and prize money will go towards marketing."

And The Winner Is…

CUREative Content won the day with a presentation emphasizing Nashville's strengths in music and medicine. Fogle revealed that much of the music used in health settings is unlicensed and presented a unique platform that addressed the needs of patients, healers, musicians and investors.

Ripple Music had some innovative collaboration concepts that involved one person laying down an instrumental or vocal track and then other people adding tracks that are displayed below the initial one. You can stream all the tracks or just individual tracks to create the final song that you then buy and store in your Ripple Library. In many respects the most innovative idea of the day.

Communication Rock should be an interesting documentary about people who sign at concerts. The film and the interpreters got a bit lost in the overall presentation but it has the potential to be a very moving work.

Salvation City's Kelsey Kinsel closely emphasized the good that a music compilation could do for suicide prevention as well as for the emerging musicians involved. It's a bit weird to hear suicide prevention and marketing opportunity in the same pitch but it's also good to see a social entrepreneur who doesn't just look for ways to make use of musicians but focuses on helping all stakeholders.

Nice pitches all around. CUREative Content really deserved to win due to a fully developed concept and a polished presentation that showed awareness of the needs of everyone involved while addressing what could be a huge licensing opportunity. But all are worthwhile projects and I hope they are seen through to fruition.

[Thumbnail image courtesy Melody Campbell.]


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